Calculate Fuel Consumption Drag Coefficient Speed and Weight

von You want to know how high your fuel consumption is depending on the speed of your vehicle? It increases exponentially … Compare eg: 80 km / h with 160 km / h from 8000 to 32000 it is a quadruple. Or in other words, you can save 75% if you drive at half the speed! Maybe you’re listening to an Audiobook or talking to a passenger from the commuter ride-sharing community. See also The age of speed: how to reduce global fuel consumption by 75 percentmore accurate Version Rollwiederstand via

„A van with 60 km / h consumes significantly less fuel than the most aerodynamic vehicle with 120 km / h“

Calculate your air resistance depending on the speed
What is my speed

What is my CW value (truck 8 or 0.8)

Front surface2 m² (truck 10m²)

Weight (truck 40t)

Your resistance increases quadratically with the speed see see Wikipedia to
Constant airConstant RollF-Air(N)KWLiters/100km


Resistance of motor vehicles, the dependence on the Reynolds number can often be neglected. Then, the CW value is set as a constant value so that the resistance increases quadratically with the speed.
Red of the Mö by Evovelo in comparison(cw 0.3, 1 m², 400kg)!

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