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Scale your Off-Grid System
This Calculator should help you to size your Solar System
Calculation of your Usage

System Voltage Volt
Here the consumers and your performance

Reference period DAY
Consumer Power [W] Operating hours Energy Usage[Wh] Load Usage[Ah]
Total consumption


Daily energy needs WE=
Day charge requirement QE=
Battery capacity
Please enter the number of days off-grid/autonomus required
Number of days of autonomy A= Tage
(Days without irradiation) Depending on the application 1 to 15
Bsp: Wochendhaus A=2
Bsp:dauernd bewohntes Haus A=10 ... 15
Power supply of the battery Wges=
Battery capacity QA=
Battery energy quantity / (deep discharge *system voltage)
Required charge quantity
Ampercentage efficiency hAh= %
des Akkus Ampercentage efficiency 0,8...0,98
Lead Battery:� hAh=0,9
Required charge quantity QS=
Day load requirement / amper hour efficiency
Required power in Wp
Please enter the value from the irradiation table
Average daily global radiation S= kWh/(d*m2)
From radiation catalog "Einstrahlung" ermitteln� �
Rated power time Tn=
Time when sun exposure Standard measuring conditions of the modules 1000W / m²
Which provides daytime radiation
Solarmodules Gesamt
Required power in Wp
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